this is me
i'm libby,
i'm 22.
i'm from australia.
i love animals,
words of wisdom,
and pretty things.


Awesome uses for lego

You can find the rest here, EVERYBODY should try #1

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you cannot look at these pictures and tell me that these places are not the most beautiful things you have ever seen

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Maybe I have an eating problem because whenever I eat people tantalize me. “Oh no, you had more cake. That’s terrible.” “Stop eating chocolate.” “You had some lollies?! That’s terrible for you.” You know what? Shut the fuck up. I am going to eat what I damn well please. I eat healthy and drink a lot of water so I can fucking eat some sweets now and again… Buuuuuut keep it up, and I’ll fucking stop eating anything because I’m never skinny enough for you. Sorry I have huge boobs? I’m skinny, and pretty so stop thinking I’m some guts and make me feel like I’m huge and unimportant to you. Grrrr. Fuck off.


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the bullshit hades had to put up with in this movie….can’t really blame him

You really can’t tbh

The last screenshot tho

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flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

lookin 4 tha party

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Me after summer break. 

Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]